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    Our Vision:

       Excellence in an evolving acquisition environment

    Our Mission:

       Establish partnerships that deliver optimal business solutions – one procurement – one mission– one customer at a time

    Our Strategic Goals:

      Be a premier organization by providing, promoting, and fostering:

    High quality products and services 
    Outstanding customer service
    Mutual respect among well-developed, committed employees
    A safe, inclusive, and open environment 

    Our Guiding Principles:

         o  We create a positive, supportive environment where everyone's views are respected
         o  We build/maintain strong trust between management and employees
                -  Leaders/managers look out for employees' best interests
                -  Employees give best effort and are accountable for their work
         o  Leaders/managers consistently model the behaviors they expect from employees
         o  Employees are motivated to be inquisitive, offer ideas, and see to understand why they do
               what they do
         o  Everyone takes pride in their work, and quality of work improves



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