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Office for Program Support/Code 210.P


Located at the Greenbelt campus, we provide procurement services for all the Offices within the Office of the Director (Code 100), Office of the Director (Code 100), Safety and Mission Assurance Directorate (Code 300), a portion of the Flight Programs and Projects Directorate (Code 400) for cross-cutting requirements such as communications, networks, and mission operations, and the Information Technology and Communications Directorate (Code 700). Our office awards and administers a wide variety of acquisition vehicles to meet customer needs, from simplified acquisitions to interagency agreements to large dollar contracts.

Specific support (by code) includes:

100 - Office of the Director

300 - Safety and Mission Assurance

400 - Flight Projects Directorate


The Code 210.P procurement workload is organized under two Procurement Managers, with assignments based on our customer organizations.  (See attached organization chart).


Associate Chief Carlos McKenzie 301-286-8008
Procurement Manager Camille Thurston 301-286-8420
Acting Procurement Manager Jerry Edmonds 301-286-4349


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