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Office for Program Support/Code 210.P


Located at the Greenbelt campus, we provide procurement services for all the Offices within the Office of the Director (Code 100), Safety and Mission Assurance Directorate (Code 300), a portion of the Flight Programs and Projects Directorate (Code 401-405), the Exploration and Space Communications Projects (ESCP) Division (Code 450), and the Information Technology and Communications Directorate (Code 700).  Our office awards and administers a wide variety of acquisition vehicles to meet customer needs, from simplified acquisitions to interagency agreements to large dollar contracts.

Specific support (by code) includes:

100 - Office of the Director

300 - Safety and Mission Assurance

400 - Flight Projects Directorate


The Code 210.P procurement workload is organized under two Procurement Managers, with assignments based on our customer organizations.  (See attached organization chart).


Associate Chief Carlos McKenzie 301-286-8008
Procurement Manager Camille Thurston 301-286-8420
Procurement Manager Monique Leigh 301-286-4349


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