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Organization Chart
NASA/GSFC Procurement Operations Organization Chart
(as of February 2015)

Procurement Operations Division, Code 210
Chief/Procurement Officer, Mike McGrath
Associate Chief/Deputy Procurement Officer, Mary Stevens
Associate Chief for Operations and Business Management, Cindy Tart
Small Business Specialist, E. Ann Haase
----- GOES-R Procurement Office
Chief, Ann Haase

JPSS Procurement Office
Chief, Sandy Marshall

Procurement Systems Support
Manager, Nancy Lockard
Office for Headquarters, Code 210.H
Associate Chief, Delia Robey
Procurement Manager, Jennifer O'Connell
Procurement Manager, Karen Smith
Procurement Manager, Pauline Barrett*

  Office for Institutional Programs,
Code 210.I

Associate Chief, Tammy Seidel
Procurement Manager, Michelle Padfield
Procurement Manager, Bernie Pagliaro

Office for Mission Enabling , Code 210.M
Associate Chief, Jim Debelius
Procurement Manager, Eric Newman
Procurement Manager, Antwan Reid
  Office for Program Support , Code 210.P
Associate Chief, Carlos McKenzie
Procurement Manager, Camille Thurston
Procurement Manager, Monique Leigh

Office for Space Sciences, Code 210.S
Associate Chief, Steve Lloyd
Procurement Manager, Jonathon Wingerberg
Procurement Manager, Dean Patterson

Office for Earth Sciences, Code 210.Y
Associate Chief, Nipa Shah
Procurement Manager, Maria McNamee
Procurement Manager, Karen Place

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Last Updated: 2/19/2015